What We Do

We help AA groups carry the message to the Deaf alcoholic who still suffers.

  • We hire professional sign language interpreters for your meeting and pay those interpreters for their service. We make sure that the interpreters who work for you are skilled, familiar with AA, and committed to anonymity.
  • We maintain a list of Deaf members available to speak at or chair your meeting. When you request a Deaf speaker we can also send an interpreter for your meeting.
  • We maintain a list of people willing to be sponsors to Deaf alcoholics.
  • We keep an up-to-date calendar of interpreted meetings and keep the sober Deaf community informed of changes. The calendar can be found at http://pdacaa.org/meetings.htm.
  • We work in cooperation with all AA Access Committees and groups in Oregon/Vancouver to provide up-to-date ASL accessible AA meeting information.
  • From time to time we also host special events like Deaf speaker meetings and workshops for hearing people who want to learn sign language.

How We Do It

We are the liaison between Deaf AA members and AA groups.  PDAC pays for interpreters by accepting contributions from AA groups, districts and individual AA members. In keeping with AA Traditions we have no other affiliation and accept no outside contributions.

Our service positions include a chairperson, alternate chairperson, secretary, treasurer, interpreter coordinator, interpreter recruitment and development coordinator, and liaisons to each regularly interpreted meeting. We observe rotation of service and hold monthly business meetings that are open to all. We also provide regular treasurer’s reports and cooperate with AA as a whole through regular attendance at Portland Intergroup and on-going communication at the District and Area levels.

Our monthly treasurer’s reports are available to anyone who wishes to see them. They are available through  Portland Intergroup, your DCM or from PDAC directly. We appreciate your support and want you to know where your dollars are going!

Download our latest Treasurer’s Report and Contributions Summary for more information. Treasurer’s Reports from 2022 are here.

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