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PDAC Resources & Tips

Sponsorship – For information about sponsorship or finding a sponsor, please email Communication Tips – General tips and Deaf & Hard of Hearing Communication Tips Keep paper and pencils easily available at your meeting as a communication aid.  Public Information – Provide accessible meeting information to your local AA central office using the appropriate meeting code. Read more about this here Public Information from PDAC. …

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Special Needs / Accessibilities Information from GSO

A.A. Guideline – Serving Alcoholics with Special Needs A.A. Guideline – Carrying the A.A. to the Deaf Alcoholic Special Needs/Accessibilities Workbook Fall 2006 About A.A. Newsletter Suggested Special Needs / Accessibilities Committee Activities E-mail G.S.O.’s Special Needs Desk AA Guidelines

Access for Late-Deafened & Oral Deaf Who Do Not Use ASL

RTC – Real-time Captioning also known as CART  Hard of Hearing Assistive Listening Devices Oral Deaf – Oral Interpreters System for transcribing speech to text. for example, Typewell or Dragon Computervoice recognition software for one-on-one meetings RTC/CARTReal-Time Captioning / Communications Access Real Time (or Computer Aided Real Time)Services may be performed either on-site or from a …

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