Access for Late-Deafened & Oral Deaf Who Do Not Use ASL

  • RTC – Real-time Captioning also known as CART 
  • Hard of Hearing Assistive Listening Devices
  • Oral Deaf – Oral Interpreters
  • System for transcribing speech to text. for example, Typewell or Dragon
  • Computervoice recognition software for one-on-one meetings
Real-Time Captioning / Communications Access Real Time (or Computer Aided Real Time)
Services may be performed either on-site or from a remote location via a modem. As words are spoken, the real-time captions appear on a screen (computer/TV monitor or projected), affording the deafened and hard of hearing access to any event. Captions can be displayed for one person, an entire room, or broadcast to multiple locales, and the text is readily available for later use.

How it works: Spoken language is recorded on computer-compatible court stenograph machine linked to a compatible computer by a machine shorthand reporter or steno typist. The computer is equipped with software that translates the steno writing into readable English text. The software maintains a customized stenographic dictionary that is updated by the captionist as new vocabulary is encountered. The text is stored in word processing files and is easily transferred to diskette, printed as notes, transmitted via e-mail, or incorporated into a database.

Set up tips:  Provide the RTC with the meeting agenda and any terminology specific to AA.  Use PC projector and large viewing screen placed in a position in which there is good visibility.  It is sometimes helpful for the RTC to where an ALD to improve ability to hear what is being said.  As with using any form of translation/interpreters there is lag time between what is spoken and what is translated/interpreted. It is best to remind the people who will be speaking to slow the pace down, take brief pauses, and when reading any formal written document to read slowly. Note: People read at a faster pace than normal speech.

Suggest contacting your state office that has services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

Internet search engine or yellow page key word tips – real-time captioning, CART Computer Aided Real Time, stenographers.
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