PDAC - Supporting AA Groups and Members in Carring the message to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alcoholics


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PDAC Disclaimer

This web site is not endorsed or approved by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. or the General Service Office. Some of the items on this web site were originally published by AA World Services, but do not assume that this implies continued approval by the General Service Conference for their use, or their use in these pages. Alcoholics Anonymous, AA, and The Big Book are registered trademarks of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. The Grapevine and AA Grapevine are registered trademarks of The AA Grapevine, Inc.

This web site was created in an effort to "Carry the Message" to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing alcoholic and other individuals who have accessibility needs. Our mission is to spread the word of Alcoholics Anonymous as part of this excellent program's 12 Step work in reaching out to the alcoholic who still suffers.

"Whenever anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A... always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."
Bill W.,
co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
(at the 1965 International Convention in Toronto, Canada)

Disclaimer for non-AA or non-official AA web site links: The links on this web site are not endorsed or approved by Alcoholics Anonymous. Linking to non-A.A. or unofficial-AA web sites does NOT imply endorsement, or affiliation, regardless of the contents.

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